Question - Warning notifications not working under Policy Exception

Hi Eramba,

For some reason the warning notifications under Policy Exception wont work. We have tried different configurations but have yet to get the working. The wierd part is that, as far as we can see, all the other notifications are working just fine.

Report notifications are coming through and the same is the status change notifications, it is simply the Warning Expiring notifications that wont work.


We have tested them actually pretty recently as part of a set of videos we did for the documentation:

If you dont want to share here the details of your setup, send an email to with:

  • screenshots of the notifications you have setup and its settings
  • the notification you were expecting to trigger (screenshot of the filter showing all details)

We’ll try to help and later update this with a summary


Hey Estaban,

Thanks for the help, I tried to watch the videoes, but as far as I can see we have it setup the same way as you do, so I will try to write to and see if they can help.