Question - Which element in the translation file triggers parts in the bar to shift?

We have automatically translated the translation file into Dutch using DeepL. However, (a) the filter has disappeared and (b) the items in the bar have all been shifted carelessly, (c) the arrow symbols have been replaced by some other symbols. See the file ‘bad.png’.

We then manually filled in a few items from the translation file to find out if perhaps the length of certain items is triggering this problem. Entering certain items manually prevents this problem (see file 'good.png), but manually translating the entire file is too labor intensive.

Does anyone have an idea what triggers this problem?

use english! :slight_smile:

We want to offer the end users (around 60 people) as much recognisability as possible and prevent us from becoming a helpdesk for unnecessary questions.

Could you perhaps consider adding Dutch in a future release? I see that there are more people in the forum looking for a Dutch translation.

yes, we can do that