Questions - Assets, Checklist and Projects (ongoing)

We have a some suggestions and we would like to discuss with you if it is possible run these…

  1. Would be possible to use Brazilian characters? When we import a spreadsheet to eramba we have to remove all the specials characters (~, ^, ç…).
  2. The second suggestion is:
    • We would create a project and within this project we would be able add some categories (for example Technology, Process, Environment and People). For each category we would have a specific checklist that we would be able to upload.
    • Can we link one checklist of risks with many assets? For example, we have a category named Technology, inside of it we have twenty assets. We want to evaluate all these assets in only one checklist with some requirements. How can we do that on Eramba?
    *Checklist is like a compliance. In those documents we can say if the asset is compliance or not compliance with a requirement that we created.
  3. We need to create dashboards customize with all these data, is it possible?
  4. About the PDF, is it possible make them more colorful or add our company’s slogan. Because we need to present this documents for our team and managers.

Hi Ana!

To your questions:

is likely that imports wont accept them , when using the system without imports do they work?

the closest to categories we have are “tags” for projects, they let you organise things with filters.

nope that is not a feature in eramba - you want to use the checklist as a questionaire that based on the answers will ley you create risks?

not a feature right now

the templates of everything is changing - so wait until the new UX is out. The logo is customisable, you need to go to System / Settings / Logo and whatever logo you set there would be updated across the system. Let us know if that does not work for oyu!