Release 2.5.0 will be out today


Today around lunch-time we’ll be releasing 2.5.0 the following is a list of the stuff included on the release:


Bug Fixing:

  • Grant all access on Access List page doesn’t work (2252)
  • Compliance Package cannot be duplicated (2249)
  • wrong helper text compliance package (2247)
  • Wrong User Dashboard numbers (2246)
  • performance on queries related to the program section (#)

Maintenance Stuff:

  • Optimization for indexes (2251)
  • Refactor Settings Bakend Logic (2238)

We had included also a purge trash functionality but in the end we did not include it as we had second thoughts about it.

Release 2.6.0 will focus on core maintenance (which might bring a faster system in some circumstances), user accounts no longer limited to admin, SAML 2.0 and if we are lucky compliance mappings…and of course, a ton of bug fixing.