Release 2.6.0 is about to be released


release 2.6.0 is being released tonight or tomorrow, the main bugs (most are really hard to replicate so very very few people are affected) resolved on the release are:

  • Awareness portal doesnt respect Trash (2296)
  • Ldap Login has a small issue while debug mode is enabled (2295)
  • change error msg when ldap auth fails (password wrong password expired) (2274)
  • Module filters are not created in sync (2267)

Some new features:

  • CustomLabels - include option to change field description (2260)
  • Charts Project: Update chart on counter of failed controls (2040)
  • Charts Project: Asset Reports (2035)

And some optimisation was completed too:

  • Refactor Dashboard’s calculation logic (2245)

Two out of three developers are on holidays, so not much is going on this week. Viktor is working on SAML authentication (this week should be ready for testing) and next week with a full team on board we’ll hopefully pick up the pace and work on new stuff. Generally speaking our goal is towards the end of the year to be able to have workflows done and working. We’ll see.

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