Release 2.7.0 is out tomorrow


tomorrow Wednesday we will be releasing 2.7.0 that addresses the following bugs:

  • Error when editing status of compliance exception - community (2339)
  • Visualisation settings error 500 - community (2332)
  • Asset Risk Managment - Import duplicates value of Risk Analysis Classification for all rows (2331)
  • imports seem to be broken up with non utf characters (2315)
  • Recurrence date on audit allows next year start date (2287)
  • Email macro %PROJECT_GOAL% not working (2286)
  • Manage filter function not working properly (2276)

New functionalities:

Core eramba fixes/upgrades:

  • Migrate custom roles logic to Online Assessment and Account Reviews (2254)
  • Admin dashboard loads too slow for bigger database (2288)
  • account review random crash hourly cron (2320)
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We had some issues with this upgrade but they are now resolved … so go on and upgrade it is all ok now. We included a small patch 2.7.1 that corrects a few things for the next release.