Release 3.1.0

To install this upgrade:

  1. go to and download package e3.1.0
  2. execute the command bin/cake update --from-package=PATHTOFILE from the directory app/upgrade

Feature-CSV import audits and maintenances
Feature-Data flow analysis misses fields on dynamic status creation
Feature-Asset identification import does not have fields for classification
Feature-Future task order
Feature-Projects import
Feature-Change default filters on data flow analysis
Feature-URL for portals
Feature-Possibility to see when next recurrence of awareness program will be, set up exact date of awareness start date
Feature-Poor breadcrumbs

Bug-Import tool not showing an error
Bug-Risk import is not checking classification exists
Bug-Show column Audit methodology missing on Internal Control filter option
Bug-Asset based risk management status
Bug-User is automatically assigned as a reviewer with Asset Owner and the Guardian.
Bug-Active Filters bug
Bug-Saml issue
Bug-Awareness program issues
Bug-OA import freeze
Bug-Problem after deletion of user

Core work:
Core-Remove Transactional on ImportTool AddAction and Bulk Edit action
Core-Include PHP Info to the system diagnostics
Core-Review all headers, titles and helper texts
Core-Appid registration, new enterprise customer registration process
Core-Cache all translations in ActiveLanguageMiddleware
Core-Exclude additional exceptions within Incidents
Core-Mask domain the same way i masked login usernames

We missed deadline by 10 days approximately, half bugs half features, half stuff that came from us , half that came from the community.