Release 3.16.0 (Community & Enterprise)

This is a very important release, most of the stuff you see here is core work done in order to:

  • Complete the SaaS version of eramba, we can now trial the service with customers
  • Complete the Community version of eramba. From now on, every release we do applies to Enterprise and Community so there will be no more gaps in between them (other than the enterprise only features). This is HUGE for us.
  • Completes the CI integration, we have now automated releases completely from development to release, this includes testing, pull requests reviews, automated docker images, Etc.
  • The worker on all new installs (Docker or VM) includes a change on the crontab where it now runs every minute, not every ten minutes. This will spread load better trough-out the day.
  • We have prepared a new “Download Database” and “Upload Database” feature so customers can migrate easily and on its own from On-Prem to SaaS.
  • We are still working on a migration script from OLD community to the current community, it will be done before the end of the year for sure. If you are using community 2.x and want to migrate to this community you need to wait for that migration script.
  • Pentest completed for this release: 20221015_Quick_https_acunetix_eramba_org_.pdf (69.0 KB)