Release e2.20.(2|3)

= we will release this during the week of 9th November =

This update is CRITICAL because you could break your eramba deployment if you dont pay a little of attention.

You will notice TWO updates pending on your system:

You can SAFELY push the first update, this update will add an additional check on your System Health (System / Settings / System Health)

This check compares the URL on your browser vs the URL defined on System / Settings / Crontab - they BOTH MUST MATCH (including the http/https protocol). If they don’t, then adjust the crontab URL to match your browser.

If that works on your system the check wont be red, but if something is not ok the check will be RED and you wont be able to make any more updates until you resolve this issue.

Once everything is ok then you can update the second patch safely. If you have questions let us know to

the first update will help you identify if your system crontab configuration must be adjusted or not.

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