Release e3.3.2 / e3.4.0

Upgrade will become available Monday 22nd November in the evening


This are instructions for upgrades e3.3.2 and e3.4.0, you will install one update and then the other. Hopefully from this point (e.3.4.0) you wont need any more CLI updates and all will be done using the web interface.

  1. make sure your system health is all OK
  2. comment your crontab entries (all of them)
  3. download packages e3.3.2 and e3.4.0 from
  4. go to app/upgrade/ directory and run: bin/cake update --from-package=$PATH where $PATH is the full path to the package e.3.3.2
  5. once is installed repeat step 4 but this time with package e3.4.0
  6. login to eramba using the web-interface
  7. go to system / settings / crontab and copy paste the NEW crontab entries
  8. find out which user runs your apache
  9. create a crontab entry for this user (not root) and paste the crontabs you have previously copied
  10. wait until the watch is at the ten minute interval (4:00, 4:10, 4:20, etc)
  11. make sure your full eramba directory is owned by the user that runs your apache (chown $user: eramba_v2/ -R)
  12. go to eramba and make sure all your system health are green

I leave you a video with a step-by-step guide on how to migrate:

This upgrade will hopefully will be the last done on CLI, from now on updates will be done using the web-interface. As part of the year-long migration we are going to move slowly to a scheduler that can run tasks in the background. The first task we are moving to this new scheduler is the upgrade process. You can now upgrade to Release e3.5.0 (please watch the video on how to use the new upgrader on the release notes for e3.5.0)

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