Release e3.8.0

e3.8.0 will be about bringing back APIs to eramba, this task is literally the last piece of our migration from eramba 2.x to eramba 3.x.

there are a few things to note:

  • on top of the usual add, edit, delete, view and list actions you will be able to query our filters directly
  • you will have access to custom fields, comments and attachments
  • we’ll embed into eramba an automated documentation system (a bit like swagger)
  • they will be enabled on some sections to start with
    • BU
    • Risk (all three
    • Internal Controls (and sub-sections)
    • Incident Module
    • Asset Module (and sub-sections)
    • Compliance Analysis
    • Projects (and sub-sections)

There won’t be any work on any bug unless is emergency stuff, we want to take a week or so off on top of the holidays to rest and enjoy the very very cold winter ahead of us.

for those of you that are into new year and christmas, enjoy your holidays

Follow up: Eramba 3.8.0 - API Documentation