Release Information - re204, made public today

We’ll release today r405, we are hoping to correct the following issues:

  • Bulk edits were sometimes not working correctly
  • Notifications when a local account is created or their password is updated
  • Reset password functionality for newly created accounts
  • Visualisation issues at the Online Assessment functionality
  • Brute Force login protection had a small issue with the counters (functionality always worked)
  • Corrected wrap display on filters
  • Corrected an issue when some attachments uploaded could be overwritten in very special circumstances
  • Correct the display of custom roles at filters when groups where used
  • Corrected REST APIs on sub-sections

We are monitoring any development on release 2.x and therefore expect multiple updates in the coming weeks.


When can we expect the 2.0 release the be made available to the US? I don’t seen any updates for 2.0 when I check in our Eramba instance.

We are enabling customers little by little … this week we’ll enable more customers.