Release Information - re205 (planned for w5 2019)

We laid out our plans for r205, so far we have:

  • Wrong label for OA in User Management
  • Tags on Asset Identifications
  • CSV imports for threat and vulnerability on risk sections
  • Backup DB must include download attachments from system
  • Custom fields on OA questionaire and Findings
  • Remove report notifications they can’t use “custom fields”
  • Include on all filters on all sections comments / attachments tab
  • Change item menu icon when new attachments / comments exist
  • Modal size
  • Highlight side menu item when user is in subsection
  • SecurityPolicyReview attachment type - attachment field has to be mandatory
  • Disable debug mode in login page
  • Bulk edit is missing in many sections, including OA and Account reviews
  • Account review issues with duplicated entries
  • Migrate warning notification from main to review tab (policies, assets, etc)
  • Compliance analysis misses on filters “chapters” of the compliance package
  • Include tags on compliance analysis
  • Multiple Inline Edit popovers cannot be controlled