Should Disabling a Visualization Simply Turn off Validation?

Per the UI, visualizations are enabled by default, “meaning users will only see items that relate to them.”

If enabling a visualization causes user based validation, shouldn’t disabling a visualization do the opposite - i.e. no validation is performed. This would make sense, since there is no other way to allow all users to see all items.

However, what actually happens is that no one can see anything (not even Admin users). What is the intended use of disabling a validation since access can already be restricted using ACLs?

Are they assigned as owners or collaborators to the specific items ?

Yes - but it seems disabling a visualization overrides everything, and shows nothing.

If it’s working as designed, what’s the purpose of doing this?
If not, what’s it supposed to do?

Intuitively I would have expected disabling a visualization to simply turn off validation but I’m totally wrong.

This is a bug with the 2.x branch. We discovered it after a few days of back/fourth with Eramba support a while back so I think they should have fixed this by now.

Can you please update to the latest release and check again the situation with the visualizations?

Thank you!


Will do - I’ll let you know results.

Updated to 2.0.14. Here is what I’m seeing:

  • First of all, saving a Visualization now causes the client to hang after the modal dialog closes. The save works, but I have to kill the browser window. This is a new issue.
  • I have to manually clear the cache for the change to go into effect (could be related to the previous issue).
  • Disabling a Visualization (Organization / Third Parties in this case) still results in nothing being shown.

Can you please send us a email to our support?
For us the Visualization works fine when done, but i can confirm that the browsers “hangs”.


I’ll do that.

Can you tell me the expected behavior of disabling visualizations?

The behavior of disabling visualizations should be that it disables visualizations for a section.
Today i did some additional testing and there was a issue with some sections.(exp:Organization / Third Parties)
If the Visualization was disabled for one of the sections it did not work properly.
The issue will be resolved in the next update.


Github: (browser hang)

The latest version (2.0.15) fixes all these issues. Thanks guys!

well, once in a month something works out well :slight_smile: