Support - Asset Risk Management - Filtered report limited to 500 items?

Edit - Apologies, found post where this is discussed and will add my question / feedback there.

Are Filters now limited to 500 items only? I had a Filter saved in Version 1 that would show a select few fields for ALL our captured risks which I could then CSV out for analysis, but same Filter now appears to be limited to a maximum of 500 items. Is there any way to apply custom filter that will still show all items in given section?

Also seems to apply to main Asset Risk Management default All Items view.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance.


We created a issue for this and put it in short term road.
Filters will be able to show much more items.

Int Ref:


Item 2031 is no longer listed on the roadmap, has this been combined with other Filter improvements ?

Yes - this is now part of the next release (2.0.13) due for late this week or early next week - eramba template 2.x will do pagination the same way 1.x used to (click on every page to load) and so the limit will be by default “Unlimited”.

this is the item im talking about

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Wasn’t 2.013 deployed last week… I know I’m running it…

oh - that is a typo on our side … its 2.0.14 :slight_smile: