Support - Compliance Analysis Import

I have an enterprise instance of Eramba, which allows me to import compliance analysis. But, I also manage multiple community installs. I had thought the import was a common feature across all versions, but it doesn’t appear in the community version. Is this a known thing? Any workaround?

Basically, I want to ensure that I can start a new Eramba build with a common set of compliance packages and controls, all mapped… without having to do all of the clicking required for manual mapping of those controls.

Any help would be appreciated!

yes is known, the base code on the compliance analysis section is not the same as the rest of the modules “import” , this is what it was not extended on community. that import allows you to update data (you can import a csv multiple times) and that is the key difference … we have not completed the migration and therefore no thoughts have been put on community 2020 (yes , on 20201…) but we dont see why not we would not expand it there too.