Support - Granting access to all assets, risks and controls without granting admin rights

Hey eramba-team,

I have a team of four + one.
Head of Security,
Information Security Officer
Risk Manager
Internal Auditor
and IT Security Officer.

While the admin role should be granted to Head of Security or Information Security Officer only, I need the ability to grant rights to all assets, risks, projects, controls, etc to all of those 5 persons.

In first step I thought it would be sufficient to create a new group with the 5 persons and attach this group to the owners of all Businessunits.

But this isn’t working. They see only assets, which are directly linked to them via Owner/custodian/User Role.

Is there another way to achieve my goal?

Eramba has a very good access management. I deeply love it. But I don’t know, how I can grant access to all assets without granting admin rights.

I hope, there is a “simple” solution and I’m only stupid, blind or both.

Thanks in advance


Have you looked at Visualizations in the Access Management documentation?

Thank you pbiz,

I knew, I was blind. :slight_smile: