Support - Internals Controls Reporting (widgets)

It seems the report options are not correct within my Internal Controls area.

When I click on Section reports, I can view, edit or delete existing reports and I can create new reports but when I am in the designer section, I only have 3 widgets (Text, Filter, Chart) the table widget is missing.

When I click on Item reports I have all 4 widgets available but I can only edit or delete a report, I don’t have the option to view it.

hello monica,

you miss the table widget at the section report because is not possible to use an item table on a section report! the explanation is not obvious so i will try to explain why in detail:

The table widget allows you to select what attributes (name, description, etc) of an item you want to show on an ITEM REPORT (not section):

it can also be used to show asociated values , for example all related audits for a given control:

The reason this widget is not on the section report is because the section report is built by looking at data that belongs to all items of a section, not a specific item. The closest equivalent on the section report is a “filter” widget which will display whatever you describe on the filter.

not sure if i help to understand why we could not add such widget on the section report … as said before it can be tricky to understand.

let me know if you need help !

Thank you, that makes perfect sense.

Can you tell me why I don’t have a “View” option on the item reports…I can only see the reports in the developer mode, so they aren’t actually usable as a report.

The section reports you see them from the top bar menu, you know that already:

Item reports are selected at the item level, because what the report will produce depends on the item you select:

If you have more than one type of item report, you will see more options on the menu of course!

Shouldn’t I be able to “View” or Run the item reports. None of mine have that option…how do I run the report?

On the list of controls, click on the menu (the same you use to edit or delete a control), you will see there a “Reports” item … there are the item report templates you created.

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