Support Statistics - April 2018

We kept support response times and quality to what we aim:

Remember, the 12 hours includes the time we dont work (after 6pm we are typically gone) in Europe and is offset by Emi in argentina (time zone complements with EU)

I’m not good with trends, but over the last 90 days we seemed to have less tickets (despite having more customers to support):

Could it be we have less bugs? we can look at reported bugs statistics in detail (it might take us a while) but the team seems to agree we have far less bugs than we had in 2017 … that is in part as:

  • we spent nearly %50 of the development team to improve “old” code. The new template will complete that work and leave us with a pretty much new app.
  • we spend far more time testing every release (kris does that) and we have far better documented test cases