Support - trying to fine-tune a user-defined status

I am a bit confused when trying to make a new status indicator. This is in the Security Policies module.

In addition to the green and amber system tags (OK and REVIEW EXPIRED), I just wanted to make one extra tag for myself - ‘REVIEW DUE THIS MONTH’.

Here are the conditions I have set so far:

The ‘tags’ and ‘status’ conditions are just to filter out some types of policies I am not interested in.
The main condition is ‘Next Review Date - Before - Actual Date + 30 days’

That works fine for turning the condition on.

But I also wanted to exclude it from items that already have an amber system-defined ‘Review Expired’ condition (as my custom condition is superfluous then).

I expected I could simply create a condition along the lines of
" Security Policy - Review Expired. is NOT . active" ?

But the two choices I get in the dialog are either:
" Security Policy - Review Expired. IS . None of related item has not status active"
" Security Policy - Review Expired. IS . At least one of the related items has status active"

Neither of these do what I want…
(indeed the first one seems to be a double negative…1)

Maybe I would be better just making a custom filter to show these permutations.
But I thought I would like the simplicity of have a more-or-less All Items filter with just these three coloured statuses ( OK > REVIEW DUE IN ONE MONTH > REVIEW EXPIRED)

if the review is pending on the future , why would expired reviews status on?

What I meant was:
I am trying to create a custom tag which warns me at a glance that a Policy has a review due in the next month.
Once the review is actually overdue, the amber ‘Review Expired’ system default status can take over, and my custom ‘Review due in one month’ tag can go away. (i.e. I don’t need both tags showing at the same time).

If I simply define the tag as “Next Review Date - Before - Actual Date + 30 days” then the tag persists after the review date is past.

maybe this?

Perfect, yes :slight_smile: Thank you!

Although now I have another question :rofl:
I wanted to make myself a custom report and filter, of ‘Policies to chase’, which would simply show me everything with either ‘REVIEW EXPIRED’ status OR two custom statuses I have created.
The filter dialog does not seem to let you do that? You can only filter using an ‘AND’ logic for statuses…?

(Essentially, I would like to have a filter that shows me ‘All statuses except OK’)

filters use “AND” operators by default, not “OR”

Well it’s not just ‘default’ behaviour, more like the only behaviour? :slight_smile: