Usability Issue While Creating

I recently ran into this as a workflow issue. I have been populating the platform from our very lengthy list of objectives, risks, policies etc. I was adding in an Objective and noted that I did not have one of the third party risks entered. Like many of the Eramba pages, It allows you to add that requirement right on the page (using the Plus button). It then allowed me to enter a Third party risk. However, I did not have a Third Party Risk Exception entered for this risk yet (which is a mandatory field). There is no Plus button to allow you to enter the risk exception right there either. This forces you to close out of the Third Party Risk without creating it. This then dumps you out of the add Objectives screen without saving, thereby losing all of the work that was done trying to create the objective and Third Party risk. I realize that this is partially a workflow issue, but adding an already secure information security program into a GRC tool will undoubtedly have some out of order workflows due to the complexity of it. This is one of my major beefs with this platform. I assume it is an issue with the Cake framework and the architecture. If you fail to complete an entry that you got to from using a Plus Button (add an item) from a previous screen, it fails you completely out of the previous screen without saving any work.