Wkhtmltopdf configuration question

Getting the following out of my installation. Searching online sources advises me that I’ve a timeout situation but no matter where I change the timeout; the error does not change.

  1. No proxy in place.
  2. running 0.12.5 version of wkhtmltopdf on php7.1 - Ubuntu 16
  3. AWS - no SSL, no domain name - accessing with IP.
  4. Error msg indicates that the job “exceeded the timeout of 60 seconds”
  5. Works great from the command line - makes pdfs. Just doesn’t seem to like the web app.

I’ve updated the timeout settings in the apache php.ini and the snappy generator.php file. Nothing seems to extend that timeout variable.

Has anyone else seen this. Looking for some feedback that isn’t available via the GitHub posts I can search as most of those are dated pre 2017. Working with support on this too (they’re great) but I want to see if we can leverage the community.

Be well