Wkhtmltopdf (HTML to PDF Converter) Version Requirement

The installation guide has instructions to install the wkhtmltopdf binary, version 0.12.3, from downloads.wkhtmltopdf.org into /usr/local/bin on Ubuntu 16.04, version 0.12.5 from RPM on CentOS 6 and 7, or version 0.12.4 on RedHat 7.4 into /usr/bin. I am in the process of building out an ansible playbook to build out my eramba production and development servers. Is there a reason to not use the version distrubted with Ubuntu 16.04.5 (wkhtmltopdf/xenial amd64) or the latest stable version distributed in *.deb format by wkhtmltopdf.org, which is version 0.12.5?

hi !

the install guides tries to give an example around how to go the install using some distros and the pdf library available at the time we wrote the guide, but as the warning states this things change and it should not be an issue!

good luck!

While updating to the new template (Ubuntu 16.04), we found that 0.12.3 does not work if your domain uses SSL, resulting in a System Health error.

0.12.5 corrects this issue and should be installed prior to upgrading to eramba 2.x.

The install docs really should make 0.12.5 a minimum prerequisite.


im confused, 0.12.3 is not an openssl version - you refer to what health check? this one?


I’m referring to the “PDF (WKHTMLTOPDF) path to bin” check. This will fail because wkhtmltopdf will not be able to create the Test PDF file if the domain hosting Eramba uses SSL (https://…). Version 0.12.5 of wkhtmltopdf corrects this issue.