Bug - Asset based risk management status


I have chosen the “Appetite Method Name” = Threshold at the Risk Appetite Menu, which means that the Residual Risk Score is expressed with numbers as a result of Impact x Likelihood, rather than %. When it comes to defining new custom statuses such as “Above Risk Appetite”, at the “Conditions” tab, it turns out that the Residual Score is still expressed in %. So it does not switch to numbers such as 3,5,10 etc. Any advise please?


yes, the dynamic status conditions do not include options for:

  • your thresholds settings (the names you set on each quadrant)
  • the values of your scores (as shown on the columns below)

is a bug that needs to be fixed ,the number you see correspond to the other threshold methodology … so nothing to do with your settings.

Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2870