Bug - Deleting users also deletes comments

I was in the middle of a security incident when I had to remove a user account. That account had set comments / attachments on the stages of said security incident. After removal of user account, the attachments still remained with ‘Unknown User’ but any comments / notes disappeared completely. Is this the normal function? It seems to me that notes / comments should always be visible so we do not lose any insight, even if we cannot see the name of the account that posted. I am using SAML authentication if that makes a difference.

This was the first incident I created and was still active, not sure if archival of an incident would make a difference, but steps to reprodue:

  • Open Security Incident
  • Add comments / attachments to stages
  • Remove user account that made comments / uploaded attachments
  • Attachments still remain with ‘Unknown User’ but comments are no longer available.
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Community Edition (on prem)


Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, it is how you are describing it. Creating an issue.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4410