Release 3.22.0

Summary for this new Release:

  • We have build a new feature calle “Activity Log”, which tracks down changes on every item on the software. This will replace the existing “History” functionality. For the time being is in “BETA” mode, once we feel confident it works well we’ll document it on the learning portal and officially make it in production.

  • We changed the UI for notifications and loaded the system with default notifications on most sections. These new template notifications will be by default “Disabled”.

  • We changed the UI for Dynamic Status to keep in line with notifications

  • We simplified most forms and filters in almost all core sections, this means forms are simpler and cleaner. This work will continue and expand to the rest of the software in the coming releases in preparation for the new UI eramba.

  • Report Table widgets can now include comments and attachments. For example: if you are making an item report for an audit or a policy review or an incident, you can now include as part of the report for that item all “Discussions” that took place as well.

  • The “Settings / Users” section has APIs embedded.

Next Release:

  • We are hoping to have completed the new “Templates” functionality which will allow you to consume Internal Controls, Policies, Compliance Requirements templates directly from eramba.

  • We are working on a completely new UI, we have defined the new functionalities for “Filters” so get ready next year eramba will look completely different.



20231016_Comprehensive_new__https_acunetix_eramba_org_.pdf (1.6 MB)