Bug - Feature - Policy reviews (Updated by)

Even though I just reviewed a policy with SuperUser - the review history tells me that the Policy has been updated by the Administrator (Which should be SuperUser).

My guess is that due to the review originally was assigned the Administrator as “Reviewer”, the Administrator will be the person who updated the Policy regarding the user (SuperUser) who actually is performing the review …

This is the way it was built, but i think is time we fix this.

When a policy is created, the “reviews” for that policy are not assigned to the “Reviewer” custom role set on the policy. Instead eramba assigns the “reviewer” for each review as the logged in user.

video: screencast 2019-06-24 13-09-36.mp4 - Google Drive

We need to make sure that:

  • the “reviewer” custom role is mandatory (it seem optional now)
  • the “reviewer” custom role is set for all newly created review records (not the logged user)
  • when a review record is edited or added we need the user to select one or more “reviewer”, by default the field will include the reviewer role.

Field: Reviewer
Type: Multiple select, mandatory
Helper: Select one or more users or groups that have worked on this review record

ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2228