Bug - Report: System Report - Item shows wrong residual score

I’m using the “Threshold” Method for Risk Appetites.

But when using the Default System Report - Item the residual score is always Shown as “0%”.

there are two system reports, the item or section report?
which risk, asset, TP or business risk?
does the filter show the right values? or is the error there too?

looking at asset risk, the item report i think it works on https://demo-e2.eramba.org (admin / password)

can you log there and review if the issue is there too?


I try to rebuild the Situation on demo-e:

Risk Appetite is set to Threshold:

Once you edit a Risk (Asset risk in this case) and give it the highest values also for Analysis as well as for Treatment:
There is no Option to enter Residual Score on the forms, when using with thresholds:
Risk Analysis:
Risk Treatment:

Now look at the Report:

Next I Change the Residual Score on the Treatment page (still no way to Change residual score):

Next I open the Report again:

As you can see, residual score is never used when working with thresholds.
The Value is never changed, since there is no residual score Value in the forms.

Further more it does not make sense to give some Residual score Value “60%” when the Treatment ist selected as Impact and Likelihood.

Hi Bjoern,

I’m not sure how to upvote this bug. It is still there in the current version e2.9.0.
I’ll create a new one to renew attention to this one. Or did you solve this one way or another?

Kind regards,
Ties Voskamp

I was able to reproduce this, and created the issue.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2435

On the report template (Report / Item Report / System Report) this table widget:

i created a sample item report table widget with the following setting:

When i trigger the report i get this:

So all you have to do is create a new report and use those fields, the field in the middle shows the residual score in the case you use as Settings / Risk Appetite the “Integer” method:

So to our developers, the system report on all three risks must use the filter option “Residual Risk” instead “Residual Score” …

So to our customers, if you dont want to wait for our developers, just create a report with that column and it will be ok