Bug - Security Incident Management (hotfix r43)

Hi Folks

We are trying to use the security incident management utility, we have opened up an incident and have ticked the ‘Automatically Close Incident’ tick box when trying to create the incident.

However we cannot add the incident as we are required to enter a closure date despite the status being set to Ongoing

Hi John,

Thanks for the information. We´ll check it in our environment and let you know.


Reproduced this error:

1/ when you create an incident and check “automatically close…” you cant save, you get this:

To avoid that error, you need to put a date in the future.

The fix:

If (stages are defined) {

  • if you checkbox that option “Automatically Close…” the “closure date” is greyed out and not mandatory (so you can save).
  • If you DONT checkbox that option (default) the “closure date” field is not mandatory UNLESS “Status” is “Closed”

} else {

  • the checkbox option is disabled
  • “Closure date” is ONLY mandatory if “status” is “Closed”


This should also address @rene.beauregard issue Feature - Ongoing Incidents require Closure date (due for 41)