Feature - Ongoing Incidents require Closure date (due for 41)

Why do ongoing incidents require a closure date.
We don’t use stages.

This makes little sense (we did not care, set a date in the future and then update it when the stage is closed).

We could update the checkbox below to complete the closure date with the date when the incident is manually changed from “ongoing” to “closed” and stages are not used.

“When all stages on the lifecycle are tagged as completed the closure date will be set and status will be set to Closed. Alternatively if not using stages when the status is changed from ongoing to closed the date will be updated”

We could remove the blue box warning in that case.

I think that if the individual checks “automatically close Incident” then the closure date should be automatically filled in when this happens, and left blank until that time.

I just logged issue: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/874

we’ll try to include this for this weekend release.