Bug - Treatment: Policies change when I change the Treatement: Internal Controls

I have an asset risk and just conducted a review. A number of changes that now need to be made as an additional control needs to be added. However, making the change deletes existing policy information.

The current internal controls and policies are:

When I add the new control the controls appear correctly but policies have been removed and repalced with a different one:

This is on:

App Version


DB Schema Version


there is an annoynig, well intended feature, that when changes are made on a field other fields which are related are automatically calculated.

internal controls and policies are related, so changing controls will update the policy field with whatever policies these controls have associated. i think that is what is going on. to fix this, you need to manually update the policy field.

same happens with assets and threats and vulnerabilities (Feature - risks threat tags and vulnerabilities get populated with asset changes) … this behaviour is removed (or rather updated) on the new user interface (Feature - New User Interface for eramba - #2 by kisero)