Bug - warning notifications would not work on controls for the first days of year

Since the yearly crons runs only on the 1st of january , audits for the year that follows are not created until then. any warning notificatoin (-1,-5 ,etc) that is programmed to run would not trigger … is a bit like the yearly cron process should run actually 30 days before the end of the year to cover this issue…

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2314

We opted for the following: every time you create (or edit or import) an internal control and you define audits or maintenances, those dates will be created for the current and next calendar year. so if i create a control today and set 15th march as audit date, i will get two audit records:

  • 15th march 2019
  • 15th march 2020

On the next release we’ll create a script that will automatically pick up your control settings (audits and maintenances) and create records for 2020.

This should also adress this other post: Feature - Update Recurring Dates More Frequently Than Once a Year - #5 by jsalehy

We’ll include a warning (on the audits and maintenances) that read: IMPORTANT: dates specified below will create audit records for this (%year) and the next (%year+1) calendar year.

Will the yearly cron extend the dates an additional year? For example, on January 1, 2020 will records be created for 2021?

I would prefer to get rid of the yearly cron all together - but we need it to ensure future audits will be there once a control has been saved. So on 1st Jan 2020 the yearly will run making sure you have audit records for 2020 (and optionally for 2021) … maybe this could be a setting rather than a fixed decision from us…

Just wanted to let you know that the script that creates records for 2020 does not work the way it should. For example, if I have a monthly recurring maintenance starting in June of 2019, the script will create records starting in June of 2020. January 2020 to May 2020 are ignored.

Can you share the exact setting as defined on the control? and what records were created?

Oh sorry now i see - yes , this is the way the script work. if you want audit records created from jan you need to configure the control to do monthly audits from jan, not june.

I’d like to revisit this issue. Now that we’re in January of 2020, I’ve been checking audit and maintenance records and it looks like the yearly cron did not create any new records for 2021.

So we’re back to the same problem - in November and December of this year, I will have no way to see what’s coming in 2021.

these records should have been created during 2020 when we did an update a month or so ago, what version you are running?