Feature - Bring back ad-hoc PDF-Export

in eramba v1 it was possible to Export any given filter-result aus pdf “on the fly”.
However in v2 this Feature has disappeared.
Now only the ad-hoc download of CSV is left or one has to save the filter, create a Report based on that filter, open that Report and download that Report.
Please bring back the “ad-hoc-pdf-download”. I Need this Feature each and every week.


Is true - PDF is cpu expensive in the meantime you can download the csv and export in PDF. you can also create a filter you like and get it sent to you as a mail notification (report) and that will be sent to you on PDF , have you tried that?

Download to CSV does not work in the right way. On non EN-US-Windows-Excel-Systems a CSV File does not open straight away.
One has to Change the Encoding and the delimiter of the file.
I have raised another issue for that: Configurable Delimiter in CSV-Exports

Are there any plans to bring this feature back? It would make good use for easy reporting, CSV format would make a great combination with it.

you mean the “PDF” version of the “CSV” ?

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Yes sorry, on the v1 community version I used while testing Eramba it was functional.