Feature - Chart should respect filter-results

when I add a Filter (Table) and a Chart to a Section Report the Chart always Shows the Information of all Data stored in that section.
Please add the Feature that a Chart also respects the output of a filter.

I want to Show a risk Matrix and a table with only the result of a filter.

Im not sure i understand, please use diagrams, screenshots more explanations so we can fully understand what you mean! glad to help (once we understand the issue!!!)

I would like to habe a Report like the following one.
The Matrix should Show the same risks as the filter result in the table below.

Ok - i see were you are going. there is something in eramba called visualisations, like you said if the user is not admin (and has not been excepted from visualisations) filters will show items that relate to him. but when the user hits on the item menu / reports whatever is shown there wont follow visualisations rules and display any content.

Notifications, Reports do NOT follow visualisations rules and therefore happens what you described.

Before we continue, is this exactly what you mean?

I don’t think that this only applies to visualisations.

For example: I have a filter “Door-Risks” that only gives result for the tag “Door” and the result Shows 4 Risks assigned that Tag “Door”.

When I have a Report that should Show all Risks associated to the Tag “Door” I set up a new Section-Report and place a “Filter” Element on it. Next I choose the Filter “Door-Risks” and only the 4 Risks appear on that section.
As a visual aid I also put a graph on that Report. The “Risk Matrix”.

As I run this Report I get the Table with 4 Risks assigned the Tag “Door” but the graph Shows me many many more Information from many other risks in the System.

So my request is that the Chart element also can Show Information only from a given filter.

github issue: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2309

Hello @eramba,
we have noticed in our risk report pulled from the system, that this issue still persists.
We are unable to pull a risk matrix for a seubset of the risks in the systems, i.e. the risk matrix shows all risks not just those selected in the filter.
Is there any update on when this is expected to be addressed?
Thank you.

This is not very clear, I think you are talking about something different from this original post, but you will tell me.

A report can include charts, filters, etc. These are widget drag-drop items. These items do not have relation in between them. So the filter-chart discussion is not really something eramba does now…

For example: if I add a filter of “Expired Risks” to a section report and then I add a chart of a Matrix…the matrix will show whatever the chart is designed to do (by default it will show all risks the person that loaded the report is allowed to see) and the filter will show the list of Expired Risks the person is allowed to see. Bu there is no relation in between these two objects (the filter and the report).

Hopefully this helps to understand each other!

Hi @sam
yes I understand that this is the case.
The point the original post made was that it would be good to be able to have a matrix (heatmap) widget that allows you to select the filter the input is based on rather than showing the matrix based on all risk registered in the system.

For reporting to regulatory bodies f.e. this would be much preferable - no need to show them everything is they are just asking for a heatmap for certain types of risks.

ok i understand now, i thought you refer to something else. there is no chart work to be done at least for the following 3 months, then @marek.melichercik will most likely start working on:

which we hope will be able to do more advance charts and perhaps some of the stuff mentioned here too. i’ll reference this ticket to the other post so we dont loose track of it.

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