Feature - Completely new UX/UI

We are starting to prepare (design) what will be the new UX/UI of eramba. It will change things completely:

  • We’ll change the layout on every section, no more “blocks” of data.

Instead we’ll show information with graphics:

  • Most used filters for the section
  • Built in filters (if no filters exist)
  • Useful graphs per section, for example in sec. services:
    • Controls used by this or that compliance package
    • Controls with missing audits

We’ll show all with graphs, which when you “click” will take you to a filter (table). This template has an enourmous amount of possibilities when it comes to graphical layouts:

  • Its likely we’ll use more advanced html5 options to make the interface with eramba more “lively” (not clicking, waiting for eramba to process and respond).
  • we’ll start with a new section

This will be a project for 2018, it will take a while to migrate the whole system but we think it will be an immense change for our every day usage.


This is a big thing and exciting outlook for 2018! Looking forward to see the new UI in Eramba!

This spreadsheet will be used to document what dasharbods we’ll use on each section:


Charts we’ll be using:

Basic Pie Chart:

Non Ribon Cord:

Filled Radar Charts

Bubble Size

Basic Scattered Chart

Basic Tree Layout

Zoomable Treemap

Sankey Diagrams:

Even when the entire system will change template, we’ll start working on two things:

1/ The “index” page of every section, this will be called the “Section Dashboard”. There are two “section dashboards” per section, one that shows graphs based on what the logged user has (User Section Dashboards) and another that shows to all members of the admin group (Admin Section Dashboards).

This dashboards will include historical data, we dont know how much as they are really heavy on the db. Dashboard will accept “clicks”, which will take you to the filter that shows that piece of information. You will also be able to download them as PDF.

2/ The “Item Dashboard” , which basically will be an updated “PDF” of an item showing a much more graphical view of the items attributes. The “blocks” below wont exist any more and will most likely be replaced by filters, if you click on the item (from the filter list) you will get this “PDF” (in html format, not pdf)

We are considering a boxed layout with small icons on the side, that will spare 1 click to open the menu bar on the side.

New tables have many objects:

And are editable on real time:

Statistic widgets will be used on the top:

Interesting layout, icons on the left make the menu very accesible, the right menu lets you use the section. on the top we can get rid of that bar (in that part we have the graphs for the index section and below that we have the tables

We have started work on this area, a few decisions we made today:

  • The new template will replace %100 the current template, that means the interface will be designed from scratch.
  • We’ll work on this migration starting next week, 2/3 of our team will be dedicated
  • It will take a couple of months, at least
  • You wont notice any difference until we complete the migration, that will be ONE update for users … that means that you will switch from one template to another after upgrading (the two templates, old and new, wont co-exists)
  • Its darn complicated job, this means NO NEW updates for a couple months with the exception of:
    • Account Reviews (which is developed at %40 already)
    • Bugs

In general, we are happy with what we think we’ll be a big usability improvement, much cleaner interface, much cleaner code (now is a complete mess) and a lot more flexibility for future updates.

This doc will be updated with what the new eramba will look like: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m244qPC0iD-PP6ub2-z6aJkCSYxK3D_rsMBz3O4sBfY/edit?usp=sharing


The new template will also bring some new relationships, the idea behind this (draft) approach is to show the organisation in a far more clear way.

The graph above shows how eramba looks now (high level). The photo below shows how relationships will be managed (in red the ones missing now)

We are working on this new thing and will invite you all in a couple of weeks to a Zoom call where we’ll explain what the ideas and status are.



Need permission to access those links…

Hi David,

Those links are the same images you see above, it was more of an internal reference. I have granted read access to everyone anyway.

We’ll refine the UX main components this week and most likely send an invite next week or the one after to all our enterprise customers to chat about all this things.


Are there going to be any specific system requirements for this upgrade ?
CPU, ram, php version, mysql version changes …

We dont think so - but we are implementing a new reporting functionality that in order to export things in pdf will need additional software installed on the apache server.

When we get to that part of the migration we’ll let you know details!

2/3’s of our team is %100 on the new template, we have made progress but is a heck of a complicated beast the one we are dealing here.

  • The new “index” is completed, you’ll see that the “Blocs” of data are gone and now is all filters.
  • Filters are quicker (they are loaded on the page, so searching is quick), you can edit filters fields without editing, you can sort columns, you can re-arrange columns order, you can limit the number of results.
  • Concurrent edits now have a warning, meaning two people can not edit the same object
  • Forms are generated “automatically”, this is quite cool as we dont have anymore one page per form, there is one piece of code that “Generates” every form anywhere on the system … this gives us a huge control on the software ew did no have before
  • Notifications will be done this week, they include new features: feedback portal is new, rich html on body, simpler interface, you can see what emails where triggered by each notification, mails on BCC or CC (as now), Etc

Next week we’ll start work on reports, which is i would say the big new thing on this templates. You will be able to define your own templates and generate better PDF reports, more once we are there.

We are estimating that we need at least one more month from today, so patience please :slight_smile:

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The new report functionality has been designed, we are now in the very tedious coding process. You will define your own templates out of “widgets” that you are going to “drag and drop” into the template and then “configure them”. Report templates will be an additional dropdown on the menu:

We’ll start with 4 basic widgets:

  • Free Text: this is an editor that will let you set titles, paragraphs, colours, etc.
  • Filters: this is a “saved” filter (as we have now), filters now include titles, descriptions and “limit”
  • Graphs: this is a pre-designed graph, charts, etc. We’ll provide one or two to start with and more (many more) can be created as needed. Graphs are full and half width and include a text and description you can customise.
  • Table Data: this is the table we have now with data, it will be re-freshed and reviewed and you will be able to choose which fields to show and which ones not.

Remember index wont have “chunks” of data any more and so you will click on the item and a “view” option will be there, once you click there you will be shown all templates (by default your favourite) and you will need to “generate”…once you do that the report is shown (with options to export to pdf)

That is the general idea of reports on every section.

Any updates on the release ?

We are working non stop but we want to have a more complete dev environment before we make a video that shows the general changes, a quick snap here made yesterday of the new report capability:

video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kkfQcjj1kMA9GaojNvtgsprPVOzCDqio

reports will be build as templates by users and saved, they will be shown on the “index” of a section or sent by email as filter reports now.

Next week we’ll build a “demo video” and share it with all of you for feedback!

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New 25 minute video showing the first draft of the new template: https://youtu.be/ku-pKJm6900

Great video, really like the new UI

Section: Security Operations - Security Incidents,


  1. Will the new UI/UX have effect on layout/output/content in recurring reports based on existing filters?

Chart wish:
2) Chart in section: Security Operation / Security Incidents - divided into (first priority) Business Units
3) Chart in section: Compliance Package Analysis

Best Regards

Christian Rozet