Feature - custom ordering of fields - filters, section reports, custom fields

1/ Can I please request for custom filters I create, that I can set the ‘initial’ field/column order for all users, or at least for a custom filter used in a report?

This leads into my next request -

2/ Can I please request for functionality to re-order custom fields on a custom form/tab? Adding fields to existing forms/tabs as our processes matures it’d be good to group like ones together. Otherwise I end up in a situation where filters and reports have columns in weird orders. (see my 1st request)

Yes the business is noticing this and I get asked questions about this:

  • It’s tough when I’m supposed to produce reports for executives. I first have to download as a CSV, format and pass on rather than having Eramba generate and email the report automatically.

  • It’s tough explaining to everyone they need to reorder their own columns when they first access. Many want to sit down and use it and ask why doesn’t my filter look like your filter when I’m training.



when you create and save a filter, the order of columns is somthing by default that can be changed. once changed it should stay that way for you an anyone else that access the filter. are you seeing something different?

this is already on the backlog , but it has very low priority for the time being


Yes - My experience is different. Maybe I’m missing a step in how I save a filter?

I create a filter “Testing” as User1 with custom column ordering.
I open filter “Testing” as User2 and column ordering is default (in order of edit form fields)

I create a section report with filter “Testing” as User1 with custom column ordering.
I view section report as User1 or User2 and column ordering is default (in order of edit form fields)

Also, it could be related - regarding default index and system filters.

I disable the Enable toggle for Default Index as User1 (admin) for “All Items”, a system filter.
I log in as User 2 and “All Items” filter displays as default. I would expect that User2 would not see this by default.

I enable a custom filter “Test” as a Default Index as User 1.
I log in as User 2 and “Test” filter displays as a Default Index.
If I then disable filter “Test” as a default index as User1, User 2 logs in and filter “Test” is removed from their default index. - Expected behavior.

The code works as follows:

  • Anything you define on the filter using the “manage filter” applies to all users (assuming the filter is not private). Filter conditions, default index, etc…

  • Anything you define on the table (once the filter loaded), that is column order, width, wrap on/off, etc is defined by user. So Sam and Esteban can share a filter called Acme , but sam and esteban can have different table settings

This is because “table settings” are per filter and per user as opposed to “filter settings” that are only per filter

Reports load “filters” , not “tables” and therefore will always load the default table order.

Thanks for the information.

Can I request a feature to at least order the table for a section report? Much like an item report, I can choose which fields, and the order of fields.

At the moment, it’s double handling to export to a CSV, format in a way the business wants to read it and send it on. I’d love to have Eramba to automate everything and remove me as a manual process middle man.

I understand you want then to define the column ordering on the filter settings so that is loaded on the reports , trouble is that column ordering really happens after the filter is loaded when the javascript table is loaded … not sure i make any sense.

user table definitions will need to override any table ordering you define on the filter setting … but then reports will have the ordering defined on the filter. this is an expensive change not sure it can be done anytime soon

No worries. Thanks for the reply.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2090
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