Feature - Disable Old Compliance Packages


It would be great if you could disable compliance packages you don’t longer use. With disable I mean that the packages would be greyed out and not be included in any other module, but all the data would still be safely stored. So for example it would show up in compliance analysis or any reports etc.

Hello Daniel,

Mr.Eramba a.k.a. Esteban only can decide which features will be taken into our backlog and he is on holidays until mid August. (Off topic - Summer Holidays).
I’m logging this so we do not forget and you will get answer once he is back. Thanks for patience.

hello - a little late here sorry is holiday season here i’m trying to follow up. compliance packages are only used at:

  • compliance analysis
  • compliance analysis findings

i cant think right now of any other section , so delelting / hiding them would simply not make them available there which as i understand is what you still want to use:

so perhaps , lets think this from another perspective, what is the need to hide them? see less on those two sections? speed?


No worries, it’s the same for me.

Maybe I was a bit unclear. I want to hide the items inside the compliance packages, not the actual package. But I said package because I wanted to hide all the items in one specific package. These compliance items shows up in other modules, like the internal control (shows mapping) and compliance analysis.

Let me explain my situation which probably make my request more clear. In my company our Group function had created an internal control package (in excel) based on ISO27001 which I added into Eramba and did all the mapping against our locally already created controls.

Now, with new personal in the group function they have scraped the old internal control package and created a complete new one, that I will add into Eramba. However, I don’t want to delete the old package because the mapping between the package items and internal controls might still be useful as historical data. But at the same time, I don’t want the items in the old package showing up in the compliance analysis or in the reports of internal controls in Eramba. Basically, I want to archive the whole compliance package and all it’s items. So, to answer your question I want to see less while not loosing all historical mapping data.

what you mean by this? there is no such thing in eramba so i’m a bit confused : ) i can think of the two following sections but somehow mixed ?

Control Catalogue / Internal Control
Compliance Management / Compliance Packages

i think is best if you send an email to support@eramba.org and we schedule a Zoom call to review what you mean. we can update the post later on.

Let me just give this one more try. The internal control package have nothing to do with Eramba. I maybe should have called it an compliance package instead. But it was a compliance package our group function created outside Eramba (I only use Eramba locally) and that i added into Eramba as an compliance package.

What I wanted was to archive old compliance packages instead of deleting them, so I didn’t loose the compliance package and its mapping to the internal controls but at the same time don’t have old compliance package items showing up in current compliance analysis and internal control reports.

However, I could probably achieve the same results if I just export all the compliance package items that I want to archive and also export the compliance analysis page for the same package. Then I could delete the compliance package in Eramba but still have a backup/history outside Eramba for that specific compliance package. If I wanted to restore the compliance package again I could just import it. But I guess I would have to manually enter the mapping to internal controls again in compliance analysis, but at least I know the answers (correct mapping) from the Compliance Analysis export.