Feature - Enable API feature for Security Policies

We would need to enable the API functionality for “Security Policies” as we would like to update this item based on responses from an Online Assessment.



Creating an issue for our backlog.
int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3427

All our documentation (policies, procedures, etc…) are stored in a SharePoint. Users can forget to update the version number in eramba making Eramba/SharePoint not synchronized.
It should be great to be able to update this version number whenever a document has been validated in SharePoint.
For that we need an API endpoint for security policies, be able to search for a specific policy and of course update the version number. This feature would be much appreciated.

reviews have dates and notifications, that is designed so people do not forget to review changs on the system. also if sharepoint allows changes without a workflow where GRC can control changes … is perhaps something that needs to first be corrected in sharepoint, not in eramba…but perhaps im misunderstanding the point.

if i understood the problem then what is needed is a workflow in sharepoint…the solution (api, etc) is not required in eramba.