Question - API endpoint for 'tasks'?

On the default dashboard, there are 3 filters for ‘tasks’, these enumerate things that need doing (such as scheduled reviews etc.)

I would like to be able to get that exact same information from an API call. Is this possible?




Unfortunately, this is not possible.

I’m not an API wizard by trade (nor do I play one on TV), but wouldn’t those Expired/Current/Future tasks be nothing more than multiple API calls to then pull all the information together?

Expired tasks, for example, appears to be a list of basically every possible “task” (maintenance, audit, review, whatever) pulled into a single view. So while you may not be able to get it in one shot, I’d think you could get it with a pile of calls…


API Documentation: REST APIs | Eramba learning portal

OK, it is perhaps a little frustrating to have to re-create this but still I can do that.

Except I can’t find the API endpoint for security policies, or security policy exceptions, or risk exceptions. Risk exceptions appear to be enumerated under risks, but do not have their own endpoint (unlike say control reviews, which appear in both their own endpoint and under controls).

The API tab doesn’t appear on those screens, and attempting to guess them based on the other endpoint names ends in error.

…[All the API documentation is managed over swagger and you will find it on every section where APIs are enabled]…

If a section does not have API’s enabled, then the API option is not shown

OK, so its not possible to recreate that information via the API then. Well thanks, I suppose.

Please can I request that the API be made more complete. Having controls be accessible from the API but not security policies seems bananas, and renders the API completely useless to me, and probably many other use-cases.

is on the backlog , but is very low priority at the moment. perhaps when reviews are reworked we’ll be able to work on it.