Feature - extending item titles beyond 100 characters

Most items e.g., asset risks, business continuity plans, the title field is restricted to 100 characters. Is there a way to extend the title fields of items beyond 100 characters?

Is it just modifying the length of the field in the database?

Previously (about 12 months ago) I extended the asset risks title to 255 characters by modifying the database table. That worked okay and has been working since.

There’s a previous feature request asking for the same for the title and ID for compliance items: Feature - extend compliance package title, id to support up to 255 chars

Today I went to extend the length the business continuity plan title (table business_continuity_plans) and it hasn’t worked - it’s still limiting me to 100 characters.


This requires code + db schema changes so is not something to take “lightly” , we need to come with a list of sections that have a “title” and review their limits to extend them to 255. We’ll follow up during next week.


Lets start with those: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2579

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