Feature - forcing full base url on eramba

eramba will build certain urls automatically based on the host header and that is sometimes a bit of a problem. we’ll force from now on that the cron url will be the base url for the entire eramba:

having this url to match the url you use when you browse eramba is fundamental, otherwise things will break for sure. for that reason:

1- we’ll issue a new health check (in case it fails it will not block daily, hourly, etc cron) that will check if the Host header received from your browser MATCHES whatever setting defined on system / settings / crontab

the system health:

Check Name: Base URL
Description: This check compares the url you are using on your browser now vs. the url defined on System / Settings / Crontab. They both must match otherwise this error will be shown.
Current Value: -

2- we’ll then force all urls on eramba to build based on the that value setting, we’ll do this stpe in a few weeks as a second update. the reason is that we want to make sure you all have the right setting on step #1 otherwise step #2 will break your eramba

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2812

fixed with Release e2.20.(2|3)