Feature - inform policy and control owners when compliance package is updated

We have a lot of regular compliance package updates, which may only affect 1 or 2 items each time, it would be useful if after updating a compliance package item that the owners of any policy or control attached to the item are informed when the item is updated in order that their policy/control can be checked for compliance with the updated item.

hi paul,

just to clarify , you mean compliance management / compliance packages / compliance package item OR compliance management / compliance analysis?

i think we had on the backlog a notification (for all sections) planned to trigger when an item is: deleted, edited, etc

forum ref: Feature - Warning notification on deleted, edited and newly created items
Int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2322

now , im not sure we will do this now since we are working on workflows and they also apply to all sections and have built in notifications in them … so maybe in a couple of months we’ll have some more visibility, i’ll tag the issue on prio-1 just to keep a closer eye.

I was talking about compliance packages / compliance package items - will be nice if its added to workflows

yep - workflows should do the work … we’ll see…