Feature - Warning notification on deleted, edited and newly created items

We need a new warning notification that triggers when an item is:

  • added
  • edited
  • deleted

On any of them, on top of the usual macros of every section we need macros that pick up “history” related attributes such as when, who, changed what. So for example the “edit” notification has a macro that dumps the array of changes and who did them and when.

Each one of these notification should have a second version, which is the “Daily Digest” … so actually we need two of each type of notifications. The digest shows the list of items by their name rather than the details of each one of them.

The sections affected:

  • assets / *
  • control catalogue / *
  • risk / *
  • operations / * (!account reviews)
  • compliance / (exceptions|findings)

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2322
int ref: https://eramba.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/6638

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Nice! This is exactly what we need!

One more thing: in the notification settings, custom roles should be allowed to be set as recipients. This saves a lot of work with regard to notification management.

yes of course this is standard on “Warning” type of notifications

This can now be done with the use of dyanamic status, closing issue.

today someone asked how to do this, you need to use:

  • dynamic status to trigger when an item is created
  • notification that triggers when the status runs
  • you can create a filter that filters based on the status and send “all items created” not just individual emails

dynamic stats conditions: