Feature - Notifications for data assets

The data asset task doesn’t have a notifications option at the moment. It’d be useful to have notifications available so we can send out notifications for incomplete GDPR analysis and similar reports / warnings.

The “Data Asset Flow” subsection (so we are all on the same page!) has notifications:

For this you will need:

1- Dynamic status that trigger when GDPR fields are incomplete
2- Warning notification when that dynamic filter triggers

But for some reason (i think i know why) we dont have the dynamically loaded GDPR attributes of the flow loaded on the Dynamic Status

On the Dynamic Status we miss these fields:

Int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2632 (this wont happen anytime soon as we need to complete migrations)

I’d also like to see the data assets page able to send notifications e.g. send a report which has all assets that have an incomplete GDPR analysis.

More generally is there a way to send periodic emails based upon a dynamic status? i.e. send an email every 2 days for any asset with an incomplete GDPR analysis.

any section in eramba can send such reports, is a combination of filters + notification (report)

  • create a filter with whatever question you want (what flows have this status or that status)
  • create a report notification that sends that filter to you by email every week or whatever

This concept applies to any section in eramba and is a pretty basic feature ! also you should perhaps review dynamic status how they work in detail.

The features above work together much better than in isolation and are absolutely key in eramba. they work on %95 of the sections so once you learn the concepts you can apply them anywhere.

The data assets section is missing the notification action though. I want to report at the asset level as data asset flow is the wrong place as you can’t report on entries that don’t exist!

The flows are defined on the “Data Asset Flow” tab which has notifications (report) + filters:

You should be able to filter all flows with this or that problem and then define a report notification out of that. Check the arrows i set on the screenshot above.

As for the other tab , which has the assets and will only inherit the status of its associated flows (unless you define additional dynamic status) does not have notifications now but an issue has been assigned.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2641

implemented on Release 3.1.0