Feature - OA "hide" and "show" questions based on dropdown answers

Based on the answer selected on the drop down we could “hide” and “show” other questions on the frontend.

Did you go hiking? (YES|NO)
Yes-> show question 1.1 (which by default is hidden)

On the CSV we would need two additional columns:

  • Default Visualisation: show|hide
  • Action: Show1.1|Hide2.3

We need to be careful:

  • conflicting settings, if one condition shows and the other one hides … in the end we perform the last action the user did
  • backend check for incomplete submission … those that were “hidden” must not be “mandatory” even if “Complete all answers” was selected on the form
  • backend check if someone tries to inject an answer even if its hidden using post


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How will the question branching impact the question score? For example, if the question is hidden, will the question score be 0 which impacts the default Item Report chart?

good question we had not think about it.

all questions that have dropdown answers have scoring, if the hidden/shown questions have drop downs set as answer (they could be just paragraphs in which case scorging does not apply) then whatever is answer will count towards the scoring. if the question is “hidden” it wont be answered and no score will be added.