Release e2.20.0

We know what release e2.20.0 should include, basically many upgrades on the Online Assessment module and few bug fixes:



We plan to complete this release somewhere around mid July, we will be hosting a Zoom webinar to our enterprise customers explaining in more detail what changes will apply to Online Assessments too. On the background we keep working on the infamous Cake migration

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Is there a new target release date for this? I do not remember seeing an email regarding an Zoom webinar for this?

Tonie, we don’t have date of this release, yet. We still working on migration. You will get email when this webinar will be available.

Thank you, Sam.

Ok this is almost done, this week for sure is released

Thanks for the update Sam. I am looking forward to the webinar.

Acunetix vulnerability scan e2.20.0
20200922_Executive_Summary_acunetix_cloud_eramba_org (1).pdf (84.6 KB)

Is very important that those of you that use the Online Assessment module please spend glorious 50 minutes watching this video, it explains many changes on the module.