Feature - OA "questionaires" as a tab (sort of compliance package) instead of import

We need to manage a repository of questionnaires, a bit like we do with compliance packages:

This would imply people can:

  • import questionnaires TEMPLATES
  • edit, add, etc them

When they create a OA they will choose from the available templates, this will create a few changes as now when a user imports a template is “attached” to an OA…this makes the DB insanely large as we are duplicating data (imagine same questionnaire to 100 different OAs)

This will require a migration:

  • take every OA
  • take their questionnaire
  • create a new “Questionnaire” on the tab

perhaps we can built the questionnaires tab , when a user creates a new OA they can choose:

  • if to import a new one (using old method)
  • use the questionnaire tab items (like compliance packages)

if they choose #2 then we can optimize the db a lot as we re-use the template. the template of course CAN NOT be modied if it has been already used by a OA, there must be a new questionnaire (clone functionality) or delete the associated OAs completely (even from trash).

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2598

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