Feature - Relation between assets and processes?

Hi, can we get this function on your backlog?
We need a relation option between assets and processes, and not only between assets and BU, and Processes and BU.
Doing risk management it is important for us to be able to transfer the highest risk or criticality from all the process that use an asset to the asset itself. So it will be possible to see on an asset from where it gets its highest risk or criticality.

Also from a process view it is nice to see what processes use assets with high vulnerabilities.

Hope it is possible?


I fully support this feature. I just start work with eramba a month ago and this functionality will be very appreciated.

I fully support this feature too.

we learned the hard way that we dictating what relationships should exist on the software is simply put a bad idea, everyone does GRC differently.

custom fields will let you do this, probably next year: Feature - Custom Field types to link to other records

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