Feature - Report Notification for 56 days

Feature - Request from IG for a Policy Report Notification to be -56 days before.
Currently I can only provide 30 days max. However because of the size of the Hospital Trust and diaries of senior managers, they need to start making arrangements 56 days before the policy review is due.
Will this become possible in the future?

Hello Bernie,

I created issue for this and it is in our short term.

Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2572

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Brilliant, that is great news, thank you.

Have I missed the Feature - Add +60 to all notifications or is it still to be scheduled.
Many thanks


i think this was done long ago, see:

or maybe you wanted something different?


Hi – thanks for coming back so quickly

Sorry I was expecting the functionality to appear within Security Policies, then notifications and period.

if you want to notify people that their reviews are about to be due, then you need to use the reviews tab and setup notifications there: