Feature - review process of risks, policies and assets

We got feedback on an email from a Dutch customer that the review process is somewhat annoying and since is pretty important and is used in three modules (policies, risks and assets) is time for us to review (pun intended) it.

This post will be worked out later when we have some more time to think about it, but we will defintely try to simplify the user experience and try to amend some things that do not make much sense.

Zendesk: https://eramba.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/16800
Github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3546

A review should help someone to:

  • see what has changed since the last review
  • see how it looks now (like a report of how it looks what you are reviewing now)
  • do the above with a friendly interface

Our review process does not really track any of the ones above automatically (you can do it, but you need to look at the parent risk: history and item report) so we want to put all that on the review record so hopefully it becomes easier.